Block Printing Process – Recent and Historical Facts
Rajasthan is the home of traditional hand block printing, and the princely state derives great pride in its traditionally crafted designs. Each design is hand printed using techniques that have been handed down in families for generations. The block printers are inspired by their rustic surroundings and bring out the essence of all that is around them in their exquisite patterns, their vivid colors, and their traditional materials that have lasted the test of time and ever changing fashions. The quality of work and design is as matchless as the environment it is made in.

Handblock printing has been a profession that has lasted in traditional families over centuries and the patterns, colors and fabrics that we see today are the culmination of over two hundred and fifty years of culture and pride being brought into design. The imperial emperors of Mughal India adorned these designs of delicate floral artistry, weaved intricately into the cotton fabric at its base. Today our craftsmen fuse this rich tradition of design in their work along with modern day aesthetics to create a block print that is both traditional and sensible for our times.

Hand block prints are used in a variety of areas, right from home furnishings that include duvet covers, bed spreads, drapes, cushion covers, curtains, pillow covers, table cloths, valances and shower curtains. Just one look at their subtle designs will transport you to their rustic and historic roots to give your home the rich and elegant appearance of an old world structure.

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